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About US

NRI Parents Association, Vadodara, Gujarat was formed on July 21, 2002 by a group of concerned NRI parents who felt the need to promote the Association with following aims and objectives.


  • To promote fellowship goodwill and mutual support among members and others.
  • To build a network of support in the areas of Health Care, Help in Ageing Processes, Cultural and Spiritual, legal help for protecting rights to properties and assets.
  • To utilize the expertise, experience and resources of parents and their children for the benefit of the society at large.

With a view to achieve above objectives following activities are planned :

  • Publication of Newsletter to promote contacts among parents and children.
  • Arrange lectures, seminars, workshops to give information with regard to Visa, Passport, Medical Insurance, Foreign exchange regulation and other related topics.
  • Contact the Government agencies, Foreign Missions and other related agencies to sort out the problems of NRI parents.
  • Set up a small library of books, magazines and journals and documents related to NRI affairs and helpful to them.

NON RESIDENT INDIANS PARENTS’ ASSOCIATION is abbreviated as “NRIPA” where each letter in the word “NRIPA” has significant meaning expressing Nationality, Rationality, Idealism, Parity and Amity.

  • N’s nourishes Nationality
  • R’s radiates Rationality
  • I’s infuses Idealism
  • P’s promotes Parity
  • A’s activates Amity


The membership is open to all those parents of NRI who are normally living in the state of Gujarat and who are willing to subscribe to aims and activities of the Association.

Membership will be in following categories:

  • Annual Membership
  • Life Membership
  • Patrons

The Annual membership will be for the financial year starting from 1st April to 31st March, irrespective of joining any time during the year.

Any Member can become a Life Member any time during the year.

The executive committee may select a person of eminence to become Patron of the Association.