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Gandhiji and Madhusudan Mehta

I had the great opportunity in my life to have played with Pujya Bapuji when I was 5-7 years old. This writing of the note below gives an opportunity to record my past.

My father late Raisaheb B.K. Mehta was in CP and Berar Civil service and was Sub Divisional Magistrate at Wardha fro 1940 to 1946. I was born in 1935. I had my primary education in Marathi medium. As Sub Divisional Magistrate at Wardha my father very often had to contact various inmates of Sewagram where Pujya Mahtma Gandhi used to come and live. My father although was sering under British Govt. very often used to meet Pujya Bapuji and Pujya Kasturba. At that time there were only three gujarati families in Wardha including ours. My grand mother late Girijaba used to live with us. My grand mother was sort of personal friend of Pujya Kasturba. Very often my grandmother used to visit Sewagram to meet Pujya Kasturba. She used to go to Sewagram by Tonga ( Ghoda Gadi). I would invariably go with my grand mother to sewagram to enjoy tonga ride. I still remember thatPujya Bapuji would ask me to cath the goats and tie them. Then i remember to have once gone on his back for fun. Once I remember that we were going in Tonga and Pujya Bapuji was walking (From Railway station to Sewagram) along the road. On seeing me he asked me to get down and walk with him. I got down but the speed of the great man was so much that I had to run with him and soon I was tired. He then asked me to get in the Tonga with my grand mother.
My father late B.K.Mehta was honoured as Rai Saheb by British Govt. for his devotion to duty and concern for the life of people. He controlled the mob of more than 15000 without even a lathi charge at the quit India Movement in 1942 at a place Ashti in Wardha District. After the quit India movement Pujya Gandhiji personally praised my father and is recorded in History of India’s freedom of the Congress party.My father infact wanted to leave the Govt. service and join Mahatma Gandhiji but Pujya Bapuji had advised him not to do so and he can serve the people by remaining in service.

Madhusudan Mehta

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