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Highlights of NRIPA Family Gathering and The Presentation by The Etinere


  • It was a milestone function of the first family gathering for the year 2012~2013, of NRIPA members, wherein 110 persons enjoyed the event to their hearts. The active participation of members in large number itself proved without doubt that the subject of presentation was very much relating to the interests of NRIs, NRI children and NRI Parents. The sweet memories of the event will remain in the hearts of all of us.

  • Mr. Lakhi Paryani introduced in a vivid manner Mr. Bharat Mehta, Chief Operating Officer of the company, Mr. Harshwardahn Singh Solanki, Manager – the iPlex and Mr. Sumit Patel, Travel Manager.

  • Mr. Harshwardhan Singh Solanki, Manager, the iPlex expressed his great pleasure  to welcome the NRIPA family to their premises,  well equipped and maintained with state of the art and most modern facilities offering their services 24X7 as per needs of customers.

  • The presentation by Mr. Sumit Patel, Travel Manager, the Etinere was very informative and his in-depth knowledge for the topics covered relating to us was unique and all the members were very happy and expressed their satisfaction during the scholarly discussion relating to their queries.

  • The members enjoyed the usual programmes like prayer, announcements, information sharing, birth day celebrations, bon voyage, entertainments etc.

  • Mr. D. D. Tuteja, Mr. Uamakant Shah, Mr. Vikram Thaker, Mr. Anil Agarwal, Mrs. Samta Pandya, Mrs. & Mr. Pamnani conveyed Bon Voyage  wishes to members going abroad to meet their loved ones by offering flower bouquet .

  • On behalf of NRIPA, Mrs. Sunita Agarwal blessed Leena Chirayu Chavda and Chaitali Priyansh Chavda, daughters in law of Mr. Rameshchandra Chavda.

  • On behalf of NRIPA, Mrs. Mitali Khopkar blessed Kinnari Joshi – (Chicago), (sister of Mrs. Samta Pandya).

  • Mr. Issar Totlani conveyed vote of thanks.

  • All enjoyed the dinner especially for the humility and hospitality extended by the team of the host.

The letter of thanks sent to Mr. Harshwardhan Singh Solani is as under.

Mr. Harshwardhan Singh Solanki

Manager – the iPlex


We seize this opportunity to extend our utmost thanks and offer our heartiest appreciations for the grand success of the programme of the NRI Parents’ Association, Vadodara, sponsored and organized by you and your team on the last evening at your premises; the sweet memories of which go a long way to bridge friendship between the two organizations in the long run.We also heartily appreciate your enduring and perseverance efforts to have accorded a memorable success to the programme. You and your team did extend their cordial cooperation coupled with memorable hospitality to all the members of the NRIPA who have relished it to their utmost satisfaction. We extend our special thanks to you for having successfully organized this event.

Mr. Sumit Patel, Travel Manager, Etinere also deserves our appreciations to have brought this programme to its peak. We heartily applaud the erudition and the dialectical skills of Mr. Sumit Patel who could bestow the utmost satisfactions to all those members who engaged themselves in scholarly discussions with him through various questions on the related subject. All of us have acknowledged his knowledge in the field.

We also sincerely thank Mr. Bharat Mehta, The Chief Operating Officer of the company for his active participation in yielding success to the programme. We are proud to have Mr. Mehta as our life time member. We are sure, he will accord special attention to the members of our Association as and when come across.

We hope our mutual alliance will continue for ever.

Wishing all of you a grand success in your career,

Yours Sincerely,

Amritgiri Goswami

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