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Name : Amritgiri Goswami
Date : June 08, 2010
Message : All NRIPA Members are requested to make use of “Message Box, and FORUM” to exchange views. You are required to register your self to make use of these facilities. If you have not registered so far, please follow simple procedure from home page of our website. Pl. join to beautify our website with variety of information and views.
Name : Madhusudan Mehta
Date : October 23, 2009
Message : Can members suggest place for one day outing, which may not be far off and good facilities may be available.
In December I suggest that we may organize a tour of 3-4 days. Please suggest good places that we may think of.
Madhusudan Mehta
23 October 2009 18:20 hrs
Name : Madhusudan Mehta
Date : May 14, 2009
Message : Members who are going abroad or returning to Baroda please inform your departure and arrival itinerary to Shri P. D. Vaidya phone 2489209 or I G Totlani 2567543 or Vjay Khopkar 2488849 or give message through our website. This will enable us to be of help to you.
Madhusudan Mehta
Name : Madhusudan Mehta
Date : May 07, 2009
Message : For all Members of NRIPA, Vadodara

It is observed that when any of our members arrive in India they have to open their locked houses and start home afresh first two days are difficult. Similarly when one has to lock the house for 4-6 months and leave, last two days are difficult. The difficulties are from angle of basic needs of Milk, vegetables, provisions like ata, dal etc. When one leaves or when one returns with the growing age it is very tiring and exhaustion is at its peak.
In both cases if we have a band of volunteers- volunteers for Departure and Arrival, It will be of great relief to the NRI parents who is either leaving or arriving in Baroda.
The volunteers, if informed, can take a packet of milk, vegetables, fruits and volunteer to give cooked food for at least two days. Different volunteers can provide different help. Similarly if help is needed for packing or at airport for arrival or departure, same also can be given.
This can be decided when farewell is given to a member and departure and arrival is known. This is a small help but will be a big relief to the traveling members.
All members are requested to inform their travel plan including departure and arrival to any of the Executive Member either by email or phone call. All members are also requested to come forward to volunteer themselves to help our fellow members, this will definitely add one more feather to our activities.
Madhusudan Mehta

Name : Amritgiri Goswami
Date : April 30, 2009
Message : If you have trouble understanding the Right to Information Act or using it, then help is just a click away now. To reduce the difficulties faced by people in using this Act and spread awareness about it, Vadodara city-based RTI activist has launched a full-fledged website, It is perhaps for the first time ever for an RTI activist across the country to have launched his own website to educate people about the Act.

Vipul Patel, who has been working in the field of RTI, has launched the website with the help of few other supporters. The website (, dedicated exclusively to the RTI Act, has already started functioning and is getting several hits daily.

Name : Madhusudan Mehta
Date : April 28, 2009
Message : I 94 form.
I heard a talk by Immigration lawyer on Asia TV.
Husband and wife came to USA on visitor VISA. The immigration officer by mistake attached I 94 form Husbands form on Wife\’s passport and wife\’s I 94 form on husbands passport. They did not check it. Husband alone went to Canada as a visitor and the immigration people removed the I- 94 form at exit and when he reentered gave corrected I-94 form on his passport. The wife’s passport already had one I-94 form on her passport. So there were two I-94 forms on Husbands name but no entry form on wife’s passport. making the wife illegal visitor. What is the way out. The wife cannot leave USA.
There is away out. They have to apply in form 104 and wait for the decision of US immigration and duplicate I-94 can be issued.
Bottom line is be careful when the Immigration officer attaches the I-94 form to your passport. Still better way is not to give two passports together to immigration officer.
Name : Madhusudan Mehta
Date : April 26, 2009
Message : Website statistics.
Congratulations to Admn Shri Amritgiribhai on achieving more than 5000 hits to our website in 74 days. I feel an e-mail may be sent to all NRI children whose e-mail IDs we have to request them to see our website as often as possible and send their views on different issues facing them and the parents. We will also know their views too.
Name : Madhusudan mehta
Date : Feb. 22, 2009
Message : The Airport Shuttle at Mumbai.
This leaves you at the farthest point of departure terminal in Mumbai where no trolleys or porters are available. I had difficulty in getting wheel chair too. I wish that NRIPA should forcefully write to Hon. Minister for Civil Aviation Shri Praful Patel and also to Airport Authority at MUMBAI. Since it will be better to send registered letter, I request Dr. Juneja or Shri Praninbhai to do the needful so that the others who travel get better facility at Mumbai Airport.
Name : spmodi
Date : Feb 21, 2009
Name : Madhusudan Mehta
Date : Feb 20, 2009
Message : Greetings to all NRIPA members from Florida USA. Since I am in USA I do not have mobile phone. I suggest that instead of mobile phone, it will be better to mention local contact no. New message board appears to be functional. Congrats to administrator Shri Amritgiri Goswami.
Name : Administrator
Date : Feb 20, 2009
Message : Message received via email

If you are ever forced by a thief or someone to take money out of an ATM machine, enter your pin number reversed. So if your number is 1254 mark 4521, The ATM machine will give you your money, but will automatically recognize this as a plea for help and will alert the police unknown to the thief. This option is in all ATM machines, but not many people know this.