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surrender certificate

The information displayed on the  “website of  Consulate General of India, San Francisco” states that:

In supercession of previous rules, Government of India has decided the following:

  • All naturalized US citizens of Indian descent, who have already acquired foreign citizenship voluntarily in the past shall cease to be Indian citizens upon their acquiring foreign citizenship. However, such persons are required to renounce their Indian citizenship and to obtain surrender certificate for their Indian passports, whether valid or expired, so that the passport is not misused. If you have a ‘passport cancelled on acquisition of US(foreign) nationality’  stamp on your passport, there is no requirement of acquiring “surrender certificate”.
  • For those persons of Indian origin who have already acquired foreign citizenship till 31 May 2010, the fee is $ 20. For those, who acquire foreign citizenship on or after 1 June 2010, the fee is $175.
  • The issue of refund of any part of renunciation fee already paid by applicants till 31 May 2010, if applicable, has been taken up with the Government of India. The decision when received will be uniformly applied to those concerned and the information will be put on our website when available. Meanwhile no email/phone queries will be entertained.


As per clarification given by the Consul General of India, in his press conference on June 1, 2010 in New York, “Surrender Certificate” will not be checked when a person of Indian Origin lands in India with the passport of his/her adopted country, provided he/she has:
1.    A valid visa for India.
2.    OCI/PIO card with Indian Visa stamped in the Passport

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