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NRG Cards

Gujarat State Non-Resident Gujaratis’ Foundation (NRGF) has been established by the Government of Gujarat to further the common interests, concerns and historical ties that bind the people of Gujarat to NRGs ( Non- Resident Gujaratis ) or people of Gujarati origin living outside Gujarat, in other states within India as well as places outside the country) with a firm belief that the contact and friendship established through programs of the foundation can go a long way towards generating mutual benefits for the people of Gujarat as well as NRGs and achieving avowed objectives of the NRGF.

The objectives of the Gujarat State Non Resident Gujaratis’ Foundation (“Gujarat Rajya Bin Niwasi Gujarati Pratisthan.”) are to explore the possibility as to how Non Resident Gujaratis’ / Non Resident Indians (NRGs/ NRIs) can play vital role in the development of the state and to identify the areas where Government can be of assistance to NRGs / NRIs.

The NRGF is issuing “GUJARAT CARD” to Non-Resident Gujarati outside Gujarat and India. “Gujarat Card” is issued at the fees of $5.00 Us or it’s equivalent amount in Indian currency on filling the prescribed application format and submitting attested copies of recent passport and photographs. “Gujarat Card” holders can avail of several rebates / discounts on products, purchases and services etc. That have been negotiated by the NRG Foundation.

The fee for Gujarat Card which can be paid by Cash or Demand Draft in favour of “NRGF” payable at “Gandhinagar” is Rs.225/- (Rupees Two hundred twenty five only) in case of Person applying from the Country. In case of abroad, the citizen is required to deposit $5.00 US dollars or its equivalent amount with the local Gujarati Samaj and endorsement to this effect be obtained on the application form with signature and seal of the Samaj. The application form may then be forwarded to this office.

To download application form for NRG Cards (Gujarat Cards), please click here.

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For more information, please visit the website of “NRI Division, Government of Gujarat“.