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 What Our Logo Emphasizes



NRIPA is Non Resident Indian Parents’ Association.The Logo emphasizes India’s provincial-position in the globe.This is highlighted through the RED SPOT below the bright Indian map and above the “I” THE FLYING BIRD Symbolize the take off by our children to conquer the heights of success in the distant places of the world.The CIRCLE around the Globe reflects the protection and warmth that the NRI Parents get Through NRIPA.

  • It is our great pleasure to welcome you whole heartily on our web site. Through this web site we provide the connecting gateway to Vadodara and Parents of NON RESIDENTS INDIAN residing at Vadodara and nearby areas. NRI PARENTS’ ASSOCIATION, VADODARA, GUJARAT, INDIA provides a platform to create a new circle of friends to fill up the void of loneliness. Please take a moment to browse our site and see other ways you can get involved, either joining as a member of the chapter if you are sailing in the same boat and yet not have become NRIPA Family member or as a mentoring volunteer or a helping hand. Your leisure to visit this treasure will add to any update both for you and us too through e services. Please feel free to tell us about our site and what you would like us to provide on the pages of our web site. We will do our best to incorporate your valuable suggestions.
  • Thank you for being with us. Hope you enjoyed our site and we expect that you will be eager to know what new updates are there in our site.