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Yoga & Pranayam Package of Baba Ramdev for Better Health

Since many of my friends and followers of Swami Ramdevji Maharaj might naturally be interested, I am giving below the Daily Prnayam Package for information and guidance. This is for those who may not like to ordinarily fall sick and get trapped in the clutches of the so called modern medicine:


1. “OMKAR” (3 times, loudly and with full mental and spiritual concentration – 1 MINUTE).
followed by Sukshma Vyayam (light exercises for feet – 1 minute).
5. KAPAAL-BHATI (2nd round of 5 minutes) followed by Sukshma Vyayam for    the hands – 2 minutes).
6. KAPAAL-BHATI (3rd round of 5 minuts) followed by
7. BAHYA-PRANAYAM (5 times taking about 3 minutes) followed by Agni-saar Prakriya twice or thrice taking about two minutes) and Sukshma Vyayam for the shoulders – three types taking about 2 minutes).
8. ANULOM-VILOM PRANAYAM (5 minutes) followed by Sukshma Vyayam for the eyes and the neck – about 4 types turning eyes side to side and round, so too the neck) taking about two minutes.
9. ANULOM-VILOM PRANAYAM (2nd round of 5 minutes) followed by Grinding and Butter-fly movements taking about two minutes.
10. ANULOM-VILOM PRANAYAM (3rd round of 5 minutes) followed by Yogic Jogging and seven Asanas – Mandukasan, Shalbhasan, Shaskasan, Makarasan, Bhujangasan, Markatasan and Simhasan taking about 18 minutes).
11. BHRAMARI PRANAYAM (5 times taking about 2 minutes).
12. UDGEET PRANAYAM (5 times taking about 2 minutes).
13. PRANAV PRANAYAM (about 1 or 2 minutes).
14. HASYASAN (Laughter) & SHANTI-PATHA (2 minutes)
(This will all take about 1 hour and 15 minutes for 26 pranayams and asanas – which can be adapted to individual capacity and requirement).

If these are practiced alongwith the 3-minute spine rejuvenation exercises as propounded by the author at, You Tube, VCD and his book, dedicated to Baba Ramdev, on “Say No To BACK PAIN – A Simple Self-cure Spine Yoga” (the book is available at a concessional price at the National Institute of Naturopathy’s Health Shop, Pune-1), as also by joining simultaneously following various Do’s and Don’ts about good and “Satvik” food and plenty of water to drink, then one need not ordinarily fall sick throughout one’s life unless it is some outside infection or epidemic disease the incidence and intensity of which too get considerably reduced. For more info, please email at or visit Website:

SM Acharya
Nature Cure & Spinal Rehab Centre,
155 St. Patrick’s Town, Pune 411013,
Ph: +91-20-26870204, Cell: 91-9422314693, Website:

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